Monday, 24 February 2014

The end of Electric Polar Bear - The final post

Well its been a good run, but it is time to end the run. This blog has been an awesome project and I've had tons of fun and hopefully we all got to listen to some awesome electronic music.

The simple reason why epb is coming to an end is mainly laziness as well as just a lack of interest in blogging currently. I'm not gonna stop listening to music or anything just, I will no longer post on this blog or anywhere for that matter.

If you want to continue to get content from me I will continue with the 8 Tracks mixes every now and then. As for the Soundcloud, if you want to follow me that's great but I will most likely not be posting or favoriting  any tracks. Its just my conduit to listen to new electronic music. As for my twitter it will most likely become dormant just because of my little use for it.

Anyways thanks for the great run.